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Tradition and Progress

The best of both worlds

Fischer Harfe

Why Fischer Harps are so Good


The harp neck is made from bonded, vertically grained beech and is therefore torsion-free and break resistant. This also anchors the mechanics and helps to ensure that the tuners are seated perfectly.

Hals einer Fischer Harfe

Säule einer Fischer Harfe


The harp pillar is designed to be torsion-free. It can easily sustain a permanent load of 600 kg of string tension.


We are proud to offer Truxa strings from our in-house string production facility. The strings are steel wound (bass), nylon wound with nylon silk, or nylon. The strings have a combined tensile strength of 600 kg.
You can order TRUXA strings directly from our online shop.

Herstellung einer TRUXA Harfensaite

Pedalkasten einer Fischer Harfe

Pedal box

The pedal box is lined around the pedals with woven felt. The use of Teflon sockets guarantees consistently smooth pedal latching without abrasion of the felt and thus long life with low maintenance.

Tuning pegs

35 years ago we recognized the advantages of the tapered tuning peg and since then we have equipped our harps exclusively with them.
Unlike cylindrical pegs, tapered ones provide better tuning stability. The cone shape replaces the vulnerable vortex thread, which can wear out over time and become loose. Tapered tuning pegs always turn in the same place, thus ensuring a tight fit. Even if the wood warps due to humidity fluctuations, tapered pegs usually tighten up on their own during tuning.

Durchgesteckte konische Wirbel bei Fischer Harfen

Mechanik einer Fischer Volksharfe


The smooth, precision disc-mechanics are mounted in brass sockets bedded with nylon. The Nirosta steel shafts (V2A) and spring steel coatings are very long lasting and maintenance-free. Adjustable lathe saddles allow precise control of semitones. All visible metal parts are copper-plated or nickel-plated and can be gold-plated upon request (extra charge).


The solid spruce soundboard, which has grown slowly at high altitude, guarantees a good tone. A special cutting technique is necessary to obtain a soundboard with vertical growth rings in the wood. This is protected with a thin maple or white beech veneer.

Fischer Harps are available with two different bodies. The body of models 80 and 80 G is formed in the traditional way from bonded boards creating an angular shaped body. The Models 2000 and 2000 G have a round, tapered body shape. With this innovative production method, several layers of wood are bonded together to give it a unique arched form.

Resonanzdecken für die Herstellung von Fischer Harfen

Zuschnitte für Resonanzdecken

All harps are electronically regulated and well tempered. Fischer-harps are known for their beautiful, clear and open tone and resonant sound.

Come and pick out your own Fischer-harp. Visit our harp showroom and collection (including antique harps, Irish harps and concert harps) at Musikhaus Fackler in Traunstein. You are also welcome to visit our in-house harp workshop upon request and see how we create these very special instruments for you.


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