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The brilliant way to move your harp

Fischer Harfen, Harfe auf Harpo
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Harpo ® is small and fold upable - you can evan take it apart and take off the tires.

Harpo ® was developed in cooperation with renowned harpists and has been tested for miles and miles so that your valuable harp will get to its destination safe and sound.

Developed for all concert harps and most single action harps. Numerous orchesterstars and solists appreciate the comfort and safety of Harpo ®.

Lightweight and Safe

All aluminium, the weight is only about 6 kilos (13,5 lbs).
V shaped padded rest for the soundboard. The base folds up. Rubber parts on sides and base provide good protection.
Two safety straps included.
Perfectly arranged handles.

Stands stable with base that folds up and down.

Harpo aufgebaut und zusammengelegt

Harpo mit abmontierten Rädern

Air-filled tires

Two 12.5" air-filled tires (can be taken off), ideal for unevan ground, stairs, cobblestone or other hazards. The axles have quick-locks for easy removal of the quality tires.

Only about 60 cm wide and therefore fits all standard doors, as well as elevator and train doors.

Harpo ® is disassembled in seconds.

Harpo ® with integrated wheel disc brake

Harpo ® with integrated wheel disc brake.
This optional function is ideal for navigating steep slopes (such as ramps) with your instrument. This feature will still allow you to disassemble the wheels and use the folding function of the Harpo ®.

Harpo mit Scheibenbremse

Harpo XL

Harpo ® XL

This special model is able to transport all "Volksharfen" (single action harps) of any producer, because of its wider shovel (52 cm).

All positive characteristics of the Harpo remain,


Harpo 849,- €
Harpo with integrated wheel disc brake 1.049,- €
Harpo XL (paddle 52 cm wide) 949,- € *
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Stand: 02.2024

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Harpo, Transport einer Konzertharfe über Stufen

Harpo, Bremsgriff
Harpo, Scheibenbremse
HARPO zusammengelegt
Harpo, zusammengelegt
Spanngurte für sichern Halt
Harpo, Gurte halten die Harfe

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