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Fischer Single Action Pedal Harp Model 2000

A tradition, further developed

Fischer Single Action Pedal Harp Model 2000

The next innovation with a warm, round, balanced tone.
Mod 80 and Mod 2000 differ in the body. The pillar, neck and mechanics are manufactured in the same proven manner as the Fischer folk harp model 80 .
Pillar, neck and mechanics see Model 80

Stringing: 37 strings, synthetic / steel
Range: B1 - c''''
Mechanics: 7 pedals
Finish: Light cherry or
Accessories: Transport cover
Harp transport system
Height: 164 cm high

Round, conical and arched body

We can rightly be proud of the development and realisation of this extremely elegant and sonically excellent body shell. It is bonded in an innovative production method from multiple layers of thin boards. The body is anchored inside with cross members for reinforcement before the spruce soundboard is attached. This way we can make a body which is uniformly round and conical in shape and in addition is also arched. Thus, the finished body shell has three-dimensional curves.
Model 80 and Model 2000 differ in the body shape

Fischer Volksharfe Korpus Modell 2000 und Modell 80


Model 2000 from 6.650,- €
Cover 390,- €

There is a surcharge for detailing and special models. See Price list

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Fischer Volksharfe Modell 2000, Kopf mit vergoldeter Schnitzerei

Mechanics in detail
Fischer Volksharfe, offene Mechanik
Mechanics in detail
Fischer Volksharfe, Mechanik, Drehscheiben
Colour samples
Fischer Volksharfen, Holzmuster
Strings from our in-house production
Herstellung einer umsponnenen Harfensaite