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Make your dream come true without any risk

Mietkauf Harfen

How does it work?

Test your desired instrument (1) (new or second hand) for 6 months - easy and without risk.
The monthly rental fee is 2% (2) of the purchase price. (3)
The rental fees will be fully credited, if you decide to buy the instrument after 6 months.
You are free to purchase the instrument anytime.
Your gain / benefit:
New instrument, no risk, no interest rate, rental fees are fully credited in case of purchase.(4)

4 steps to your desired instrument
  • 1
    (1) Choose the instrument you wish
  • 2
    Fill in your rental agreement and sign it
  • 3
    Take your instrument with you immediately
  • 4
    After 6 months you can either buy the instrument or continue renting or bring it back
What do we expect from you
  • ..please take good care of the instrument
  • the monthly rental fee
  • ..have fun with your instrument
Duration of the rental

The term of lease is 6 months

After 6 months you can choose from these options

  • the instrument
            all paid rental fees will be fully credited (4)
  • ..continue renting
            please contact us (5)
  • ..bring back the instrument
            the rental agreement does not have to be terminated previously

Rental price per month(6)

2% of the purchase price (2) (3)

Exclued from rental are grand concert harps, kelty harps, custom made and exclusive instruments

Service fee

We take the liberty to charge the following service fee for administration and book keeping

One-time 59,- €

This service fee is to be paid once and will not be credited in case of purchase of the instrument

Alternatively we offer a Buy-back guarantee
  • You buy the instrument
  • we do not charge a service fee
  • During the first 6 months we buy back the instrument if you wish. The buy-back price equates the purchase price minus 6 rental fees.
  • The buy-back price and date are determined on the invoice.

  • (1) Apart from grand concert harps, kelty harps and custom orders, all new and second hand harps can be rented.
  • (2) Monthly rental is 2% of the instrument's price (if the price exceeds 2000,-€) or 3,5% of the instrument's price if the price is under 2.000,-€.
  • (3) The price consists of the instrument's price plus the price for the cover. A rental without cover is not possible.
  • (4) If you decide to buy the instrument after 6 months, all paid rents (except for the service fee) are fully credited to the purchase price.
  • (5) If you decide to buy the instrument later, the first 6 rentals will be credited completely, every following rental will be credited with 50%.
  • (6) Rental fees in % of the purchase price per month. Minimum rental fee is 15,-€.