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Fischer Kelty - Lap Harp

A small harp for big dreams

Fischer Kelty - Lap Harp

The Kelty harp is a very small sized Irish harp with only 23 strings. It has a tonal range of 3 octaves (b - c'''' ) and has the single-action mechanism to change the pitch for all strings except for the lowest one. With a height of about 75cm and the padded envelope with backpack system, the "Kelty" is ideal as a portable instrument.

Stringing: 23 synthetic strings
Range: b - c''''
Mechanics: 22 rocker arms
Finish: Natural beech
Accessories: Padded envelope with backpack system
Height: 75 cm high

Portable instrument

Some of our instruments have loyally accompanied their owners on world trips, defying all climactic conditions and also helping their budget.

Versatile range of uses

Furthermore, the Kelty harp is perfect for use in pre-music education, beginning harp instruction, and also in music therapy.


Kelty Lap Harp 900,- €
Padded envelope
with backpack system
160,- €

Anmerkung zum Mietkauf

Leider kann unsere Kelty nicht mit Mietkauf-System angeboten werden. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen für passende Alternativen mit persönlicher Beratung zur Seite. Sprechen Sie uns einfach an!

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Mechanik der Kelty Harfe

Solid wood soundboard
Set-through, tapered tuning pegs
konische Wirbel
Backpack system
Rucksacksystem an der Nylon Hülle
Pocket for sheet music
Notentasche an der Nylon Hülle
* Farben können abweichen