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Fischer Lever Harp Model 10

Irish Harp - Celtic Harp

Fischer Lever Harp Model 10
(Irish Harp - Celtic Harp)

In 2010, we decided to improve our previous Irish harp through a redesign. The distinctive feature now is the lathed, solid cherry pillar. This type of pillar protects the mechanics. The harp is optionally stained natural, chestnut brown or red.

Stringing: 34 strings, synthetic / steel
Range: C - as'''
Mechanics: rocker arm
Legs: 3 different lengths available
Finish: Light cherry,
chestnut brown,
Accessories: Transport cover
Height: optional
132 cm (short legs)
138 cm (medium legs)
151 cm (long legs)

Smooth, precision mechanics

The fitted-through tapered tuning pegs ensures secure fastening. Each string’s pitch can be increased by a semitone by using a rocker arm, so you can play different keys.


Fisher Irish harps have 34 strings. The first 3 octaves are plain nylon, 4th octave is braided nylon, the lowest octave is wound metal. This stringing is standard and is favoured from us. On request, the 4th octave is available with plain nylon strings.

Mechanik Irische Harfe

3 Fusslaengen

The harp that grows with you

The feet are screwed on and can thus be easily replaced.
Because the feet are available in 3 different lengths, the harp can be adapted exactly to the size of the player.

The tone of the harp is well balanced

On one hand it sounds very warm and full, but does not lack the silvery brilliance of what it owes to the soundboard made of solid spruce tone wood with vertical growth rings. To protect the soundboard, a veneer made from maple or ice birch is bonded on top.

Additional Irish harps

We also carry harps from the Irish Harp manufacturers Lyon & Healy and Salvi.
Lyon & Healy Harps Salvi Harps


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